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OMNI Security Transportation Services is California’s Leading Cannabis Transportation and Security Services Provider.

Our client list includes the State’s most renown farms including:

  • Emerald Family Farms, Humboldt, CA

    • On-site armed guards for outdoor grow and manufacturing facility and transportation

    • Security camera installation

  • Honeydew Farms

    • Transportation

  • Claremont Community Center, Coalinga, CA

    • Transportation

  • Humboldt Origins

    • Site Security Consultation

    • Transportation

  • Humboldt Legends

    • Site Security Consultation

    • Transportation

  • Lake Mountain, Willow Creek, CA

    • Security consultation

    • Executive protection

    • Transportation

  • Roving armed patrol for multiple farms in Humboldt County

Association Memberships

  • California Cannabis Industry Association

  • California Growers Association


  • American Society of Industrial Security

    • Recognition of Excellence Award, 1998

  • Record-breaking security during Super Bowl

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