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The Leading Cannabis Transportation Company

OMNI Security Transport is the leading cannabis transportation company in Southern California and has been owned and operated locally for over 22 years. We understand that transporting hundreds of thousands of dollars of cannabis and cash using your day-to-day vehicle isn't the safest, most efficient way to protect and transport your product, so we have provided the perfect LEGAL solution to your cannabis transportation, and cash transportation needs.

First, let’s acknowledge that this is a problem many businesses in the marijuana industry are facing today. At more than $250 an ounce, transporting a single pound of marijuana between a grow and a dispensary is risky and dangerous—both financially and professionally, and there are barely any legal options available for transport!

Marijuana companies can’t use UPS or FedEx to ship their product. They also can’t get their product delivered in semi-trucks like a traditional grocery store would. Instead, they are left to figure out their own transportation logistics, which have to follow state distribution licensing requirements.

So now you ask, what’s the solution? WE ARE! A small, independent transport company. As a licensed, bonded and insured transport company, we have security features in place, and a wide variety of vehicles to make certain your product reaches the market without incident.

For farmers and cultivators, Omni Security Transportation Services agents will pick up your bulk product from your farm or warehouse and transport it to one of our secured and licensed storage facilities located throughout California. There, it will be inventoried, tagged and stored with all the necessary requirements to preserve product quality and maintain compliance.

Let’s run through some of our incredible security and transport features. Our wide variety of vehicles is something we pride ourselves on because we are able to ensure the safe, secure and climate controlled transportation and delivery of your cannabis products.

We have vehicles appropriate for all aspects of transportation from cultivation to manufacture as well as distribution to retail. OMNI utilizes four wheel drive vehicles with or without trailers to facilitate transportation of medical cannabis products from farm to manufacturing. OMNI also utilizes unmarked SUVs and climate controlled vans to ensure the secure transportation of medical cannabis products from manufacturing to distribution. We are also offering refrigerated transportation and have the ability to maintain a controlled environment to as low as minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit as another way to ensure the safe and secure transportation of all temperature sensitive medical cannabis products to their destination.

Lastly, OMNI offers GPS tracking and real time cameras with client access on all transports! We are proud to offer this to every client that comes our way.

This mix of transportation and security is key to the success of cannabis distribution. As a federally illegal substance, there can be serious ramifications if and when product is stolen—putting the grower, dispensary and their employees at risk. In addition, as a fledgling industry, all eyes are focused on its safety and efficacy, so ensuring legal product doesn’t end up in the illegal market is paramount.

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