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OMNI Security services has a fleet of refrigerated trucks and Sprinter vans.


OMNI Security Transportation utilizes a wide variety of vehicles. This allows us to ensure the safe, secure and climate controlled transportation and delivery of your cannabis products. We have vehicles appropriate for all aspects of transportation from cultivation to manufacture as well as distribution to retail.

OMNI utilizes four wheel drive vehicles with or without trailers to facilitate transportation of medical cannabis products from farm to manufacturing.

OMNI utilizes unmarked SUVs and climate controlled vans to ensure the secure transportation of medical cannabis products from manufacturing to distribution.

OMNI is offering refrigerated transportation. We have the ability to maintain a controlled environment, to as low as minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit. This ability allows us to ensure the safe and secure transportation of all temperature sensitive medical cannabis products.

GPS tracking and real time cameras with client access on all transports.

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