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We Provide the Services You Need

24-hour dispatch center with offices located in Humboldt, Los Angeles, and San Diego Counties.

California State licensed distributor and licensed professional security company.

Climate controlled vehicles with GPS and real time video monitoring.

Cannabis insurance covering all transported product.

Professional, trained staff with Department of Justice background checks: Current law enforcement, military background and extensive training.





Cash Transport

Omni Security Transportation Services Distribution has played a major role in the progression of cannabis banking throughout California.

Omni Security Transportation Services advocates for public safety, compliance and the proper growth of the flourishing cannabis industry.

For more information please contact Omni Security Transportation Services.

cash transport

Product Transport

Omni Security Transportation Services will pick up your product in vehicles, secured by US Military Veterans, and distribute it to designated destinations across the state of California. We are licensed, bonded and insured to make certain your product reaches the market without incident.

For farmers and cultivators, Omni Security Transportation Services agents will pick up your bulk product from your farm or warehouse and transport it to one of our secured and licensed storage facilities located throughout California. There, it will be inventoried, tagged and stored with all the necessary requirements to preserve product quality and maintain compliance.

For more information please contact Omni Security Transportation Services.

product transport


Storage? Omni Security Transportation Services is your answer. Maybe you’re looking for a safe place to store bulk product while you process smaller amounts on your farm. Perhaps you are looking for a place to store product while it’s being tested. Maybe you want to maximize space on your site for additional cultivation. Maybe you’re looking into refrigerated transport and storage of flash-frozen product. Whatever your storage needs, Omni Security Transportation Services has the solution.

Our storage facilities are staffed with highly-trained veterans of the US Military. We design and equip our warehouses with Electronic Threat Detection equipment, federally-approved facial recognition technology, and work under military-influenced Standard Operational Procedures. Our success is based on being the absolute best next-generation security and our innovative, forward-thinking solutions far surpass any others out there. Your product will never be safer than when it’s in our hands.

For more information please contact Omni Security Transportation Services.


On Site Security

OMNI Security Services is the #1 Provider of Security Services for the Cannabis Industry in California

Omni Security Services, Inc., is in compliance with all Federal, State, and Bureau of Security and Investigative Services rules, regulations and policies.  Omni Security Services is also compliant with cannabis approved General Liability and Workers Comp insurance.

Omni Security Services has been operating in Southern California for 22 years as a licensed, insured and bonded business and will provide trained, armed security agents based on client needs.  All security agents will possess guard card and weapons card certification through the Bureau of Security and Investigative services which is overseen by the Department of Consumer Affairs.  Whenever possible, the same security agents will be sent consistently to the site.  When substitutes are necessary, Omni Security will ensure that guards are fully trained and briefed on all specific operational duties for the site.

Core security agent duties include (but not limited to) the following:

  • To guard entrances and screen vendors/employees

  • To monitor client’s premises with video surveillance equipment, posted at access control points as well as a foot patrol of entire site

  • To protect client’s assets, employees and guests

  • To provide a deterrent with a strong visual presence

  • To organize response in the case of an armed threat on the premises

  • To organize response in the case of fire, evacuation, or other emergency

  • To respond to customer and employee health emergencies and accidents

  • To address trespassers and other unauthorized persons

  • To liaison with police and city emergency responders

  • To remain informed and constantly updated on cannabis laws

  • All Omni Security Agents will submit a Daily Activity Report on any issues involving faulty lights, unsecured doors, faulty cameras and any other maintenance related issues.

Omni Security Services training program is one of the most extensive in California.  All Omni Security agents qualified for the site have been or are currently being trained in the specific field by instructors with a strong background in law enforcement and special operations all considered experts in their field of instruction.  Mandatory refresher training will be required by Omni Security personnel at the site.


Security cameras are the Number One deterrent of thefts and vandalism. As well as preventing external thefts, they drastically reduce internal theft.

From an indoor warehouse grow to a large outdoor grow, OMNI is able to provide camera systems that can accurately record all activity even in extreme low light conditions. Security cameras with infrared capabilities are also effective at gates and property entrance points to track all vehicles as they enter and exit. The glowing red eyes of an infrared camera make it clear to criminals they are being watched and recorded.

  • Smaller cameras can be installed to have an up close view of plants to monitor your grow off site.

  • Your cameras can be accessed in real time from any device with an Internet connection anywhere in the world.

security & monitoring
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